A Reimagining of Yoko Ono's Cut Piece

three performers, three locations and an inviation for onlookers to cut their clothes

A collaboration between Oliver Jane, Shane Moore, and Geoffrey Waterman

Produced by Oliver Jane, Shane Moore, Geoffrey Waterman, and Carol-Jeanette Jorgensen.

Performed by Ellen Davis, Ben Grinberg, and Oliver Jane

Cut Piece was originally performed by Yoko Ono in 1964 from a set of instructions she made for herself. Since then, it has become a staple in the canon of experimental theatre for its original shock value, but also for its reception in various theoretical and social commentary. 

We’re interested in the conversation that has built up around Cut Piece through the years. Ono herself originally presented the work with Zen notions of the artist relinquishing control, but as later movements adopted the work, such as feminist movements of the 90s, she began to endorse a wider commentary. Our re-imagining hopes to examine the narrative of Cut Piece through its interpretations and also, by using three performers of differing gender identity, attempt to respond to both her original performances and the evolving conversations about gender, sexuality and the body surrounding the piece and its place in culture. 

This is a multiple part film project involving reenactments of Cut Piece in three locations.  The piece is filmed in a curated space open to the public, an un-curated public space, and a private space

Thank you to all who came and participated in the first installment at Mascher Coop Space in October 2014 and the second installment at the Pig Iron School April 2015.

The last installment will be performed and filmed Spring 2016.