David & Oliver: Mystic Masters

Created, Performed, and Catered by David Jacob and Oliver Jane

Thursday, June 23rd and Friday, June 24th
Presented as part of SoLow Fest June 16 - 26 2016

"Witness back-to- back solo performances by David Jacobi and Oliver Jane. David dabbles in Chaos Magick. Oliver dabbles in Eastern Philosophy and Shamanistic modalities. But make no mistake...they are MASTERS. Join them in Oliver’s lavish garden and let them feed you spirituality, the occult, and vegetarian grub..."

Oliver Jane and I discovered that we’ve both been dabbling in the metaphysical. However, we’ve been exploring things in two different directions. Oliver Jane was handed down a family tradition of earth-based spiritual practice that lead her into an obsession with locating where her practice meet feminist-centered shamanic practice and Eastern mystic practices. On the other hand, I’ve been wondering if I can aggressively apply the occult towards my daily life, and possibly give myself superpowers. The show originated from our vastly opposing views, and the sudden realization that despite our differences, we’re both horribly flawed people with most likely dismal futures.
— David Jacobi