Dinner With Madness

Conceived and created by Goat Howl Theatre


Premiered October 2018 as part of Workman Art's Rendezvous With Madness Festival

Every dinner party happens the same way: good food, light conversation, laughter, and merry-making. The team at Goat Howl Theatre invites you to join them around a long table for a dinner party with all that and a creative twist. Enjoy a light meal with three ‘mad artists’ while we share our trials, tribulations, and celebrations living with mental health struggles. We take you on a kaleidoscopic journey — at any moment you might hear one of us sing sweet melodies to you, dance in fury on the table, publicly confront our inner bully, and frankly speak to their loved one about the effect their mental health has on their relationship. Break bread with us and get to know us. Maybe you will see the great diversity of experience that exists between individuals living with mental health struggles and, together, we will alter negative stigma

Created in collaboration and performed by Oliver Jane, Anna Sapershteyn, and Samantha Wymes.

Directed by Maria Wodzinska

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