The Gathering of the Mother Moth Peoples

World Premier: May 2015

Directed by Oliver Jane (formerly known as Olivia Jorgensen)
Performed/Created by: Caitlin Antram, Bastion Carboni, Amy Frear, Paul Harlan, and Swift Shuker
Creative Consultant: Christina Gesualdi
Light Design: Eric Baker
Musical Direction: Alex Bechtel
Set Design: Andrew Grasso

Produced by Oliver Jane and Carol-Jeanette Jorgensen of Plump Olive Productions.

"Come celebrate spring, nature, abundance, love, fertility, birth, sex, and fire with some newly baptized neo-pagans. Watch these earth-based spirituals give thanks to the great Goddess(s) with ritual: wild, reverent, loud, and sexually loaded.

Who are these Mother Moth People ring leaders?... These well-intentioned, bright eyed, self-educated - and somewhat misguided - spiritual leaders? Faking it to make it right in front of your very eyes."

Received an honorable mention for Best Ensemble for Phindie's 2014/15 Critics’ Awards: The best in Philadelphia theater!

"The show promises a raucous party with hand drumming, fire jumping and slightly misguided neo-pagans." - Shuan Brady, Metro Philadelphia - read more
"...a lampoon of American privilege from an odd angle, of secular spirituality, bolstered by a genuine sharing of togetherness, affection, and a canny understanding of the potential crossover between live performance and ritual." - Julius Ferraro, Phindie - read more