Mother F'in Artist

The last couple months:

I've been enrolled at UArts for a little over 2 months. On my way to earning those three letters at the end of my name.

In the meantime I have been collaborating with my dear friend Amy Frear to create a devised take on "biopics" that centers on the life and work of our hero, Stevie Nicks. Needless to say, I have been overdosing on Fleetwood Mac for several months. I am excited to say that Amy and I are becoming members of Mascher Coop-Space  so we can devote lots of time to the project. 

I've also been jamming with sculptor/visual artist/conceptual artist Tucker Rae-Grant in his studio every week. We have been teaching one another about our respective crafts, while exploring space, materials, the forces the cause movement, rituals, vulnerability, human connectivity, and authenticity through a series of projects we have been making collaboratively and separately. We've taken a crack at zines, video confessionals, journaling, responding to sculpture through movement, responding to space through movement, taking a table and transforming it into something unrecognizable, 100 drawings in 7 days, wearing each other's clothes, painting each other's nails, and coming up with exciting dares for one another. Our latest effort is a collaboration on a sculptural installation where we are asking two questions: What motivates us to slow down and breath with our environment? AND How can space encourage us to turn inward? This installation may or may not involve performance OR an immersive experience for the onlooker... Things are still being incubated, so only time will tell.

Until then.