Week One... Hippie Paradise

Oliver Jane here.

Sitting in the guest room of a tiny cottage/homestead property in Lyndeborough, NH. The weather is beautiful, the goats are cheerful (and smelly, but the good smelly - i love goat smell...) and I'm relaxed as heck. Today I painted some trimming on the house, managed to finish two books on my list, and moved my yoga practice outdoor for some proper sun greeting. I know my heart is going to cry when it comes time to leave because this homestead is so close to the dream I have for my own life. I'm not sure if New Hampshire is the place I want to live - I'm still trying to figure out where I will end up once I finish my masters degree, but I digress...


This week is not about making art, its about prep-work for the following weeks. I'm using this time to learn more about permaculture, eat like a king (every meal is from the homestead, gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free <3), hang out with some super sweet dogs, get my goat fix, and tune into my spiritual/creative/intuitive juices by doing lots of reading, yoga, and meditation. 

Two creative questions that have come up for me recently in regards to my work: 

ONE How can I find more sincerity and poetry when addressing the topics and themes I am interested? (aka: What is my obsession with clown? Why does everything I make involve implementing the clown form? No, but like really?! Why do I always fall back on clown to communicate the thoughts and ideas in my head?) This is an especially hot question for me when I consider my one and a half month long residency with Maria in Toronto. I've read so many books to prepare and have so many thoughts on the material, but I am really unsure how to attack the material with sincerity. Im trying to move away from my critical and (if I'm being honest with myself) fairly sanctimonious attitude in regards the people who put themselves on a spiritual path and proselytize their practices (even though I am one of those people in many ways). I know Maria will challenge me to see my spiritual practice from varying perspectives, so I am confident she will help me cultivate multiple perspectives on the material so we can find a poetic language. My first guess is that I must lean into the poetry of the body to begin my exploration. Gosh, I love art experiments.

TWO How can this wild woman archetype break gender barriers in order to manifest its healing potential for women, men, and none-binary peoples alike? Women are not the only ones in need of liberation from the patriarchal systems that oppress. Also, I firmly believe liberation will only truly happen when men start to recognize how the patriarchal systems prevent them from living healthy and fully-realized lives (The Will to Change: Men, Masculinity, and Love - READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T). I do not want to make work where I, as a woman identified person, use my art as a means to complain about how hard it is to be a woman... It's been done by others far smarter and more articulate than me AND I think the next step in fighting for liberation is to get the oppressor on our side, rather than just being pissy with them. How can I spread the healing message of our times greatest feminist thinkers like Audre Lorde and bell hooks? That's what I want to know.

If you missed David & Oliver: Mystic Masters check out some photos from the show here.

Thats all for now.