My first week in Toronto

I finished my first week in Toronto feeling full (literally and figuratively) and over-stimulated. 

Maria and I began our week with a grocery excursion and a trip to Staples.  I pulled out my top-notch home-maker moves this past week and cooked up a storm in the apartment each night. Cooking really complicated vegan/soy-free/gluten-free meals for others has become a a fun form of creative expression in my world. Maria, the working girl, has been coming home to some elaborately cooked meal - I feel like we are a modern twist on Leave it to Beaver (I even scrubbed the bathroom yesterday. No, I was not wearing a dress and pearls...). Anywho, we ate well and into week 2 my pants are too damn tight... 

At Staples we bought one of those AWESOME big white sticky-note pads so we could transform the dining room into our brainstorm/idea vomit space. I would like to thank Michael Rohd for opening my eyes to office supplies that make my creative process SO MUCH EASIER. Check out some of our brainstorming here.

I made several trips to the library during the first week, bought more books written by Starhawk, and started reading a book about Tantra (p.s. everything you know about Tantra is WRONG - westerners primarily associate it with sex, but it is so much more than that). I also read a bunch of plays by Howard Barker and A God in Need of Help by Sean Dixon. 

Maria and I will be performing in a cabaret on August 9th and we are using the occasion to share some stuff we are working on for this piece.

Thats all for now. Check back in soon - SO MUCH is happening in week 2 and I cant wait to share.