Toronto, Week Three and Four (WOAH)

I'm mid-way through week five, so at the moment I am at a total loss of what I did two weeks ago.

Hold on. Its coming back to me.

There was a bunch of really awesome days where I got a lot of work done. I remember working on a residency application... OH YA. There was one day when I spent 9 solid hours glued to a Adobe Premiere, creating an 8minute work sample. There might have been a mini melt down (thankfully I was alone) when I realized the aspect ratios for the video clips were different and it took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to solve that problem... WOW I'm bored just thinking about me being on a computer for a solid day - why am I sharing it with ya'll as if its something interesting to report? Anywho...

On top of working on a residency application, Maria and I spent week three developing the 5ish minute clown piece we performed last Tuesday evening. In the piece we baked a cake that became a baby. I pulled an egg from my breasts. Maria cracked egg everywhere. It was great! Gaulier trained clown, Chloe Payne helped us shape the piece towards the end of week three. The piece was actually Bouffan, not Red-Nosed Clown. Although in performing it for an audience it felt more like a Red-Nosed Clown piece (even though we performed is sans-mask)... I need to keep thinking about the subtle distinction, because the way the piece was shaped and the way it played out made the line between Bouffan and Red-Nosed Clown unclear to me. This is what happens when you perform Bouffan without the body... Check out images from our rehearsals and performance here.

I also did another devising session with some awesome Toronto folks in week four. I'm feeling like the main seed for the piece is becoming more clear and the direction of working is also beginning to become clear. Both Maria and I would like to dive into the world of Grotowski and see how that might inform our process and the end result. I also really want to find a solid choreography class to learn more about bodies in space and methods for creating choreography - so far my attempts at choreography have created things that feel robotic, un-grounded, heady, and put on. I'd like to find a deeper approach that creates something resonant and lyrical. Check out images from that session here.

Alright, I'm done (as they say, "you can stick a fork in me").

Lots of love,

Oliver Jane